by Last Crusade

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One Of Us 02:54
You don't like us and you call us names Because we we don't fit your mold Don't wanna play your political games Because that shit is getting old Always got something to say but it's never to my face Don't wanna hear anymore of your bullshit, you're a disgrace You don't know what we're about but we're not fussed You'll never understand if you're not one of us We stand proud, we stand tall, we never hide, we never run Through it all, we stick to our guns Got my own views, got my own opinions Don't expect me to listen to you You'll never change the way I think You'll never tell me what to do Don't think that we're the same because I find you so absurd Your deluded views don't make any sense And they don't apply to the working man's world
Sick Society 02:34
Don't wanna drink my water cos it's full of disease Don't wanna go online cos governments watchin me Short changed from cradle to grave, it's a sick society They won't leave us be Living in the age of paranoid fears Spurred on by the media with crocodile tears Moral panic, out on the street You best make no mistake, it's a sick society Don't wanna go outside and get caught in acid rain Don't wanna go to work and get blown up on the train Don't wanna go abroad and end up on a missing plane Don't you feel the same?
Vengeance 01:26
Lurking around the streets at night You look for your next prey Acting with impunity You make more victims every day With a sick impulse to please You like 'em young and pure You carry a sick disease And I've got the only cure If I ever catch you You're fucking dead Vengeance for your victims With a bullet in the head All those lives you ruined Well it's coming back to you Rapist scum, your time has come And there's nothing you can do Try to beg and plead For us to spare your life You've already done the deed Get ready to pay the price
Reading the headlines coming across the screen They're saying there's no hope for you and me It's become a thing of the past , has job security Never ever knowing whats round the corner This don't feel like being free Ships sinking slow, nowhere to go Safety net erodes, nowhere to go Now the headline's reading five more years Some prep cunt calling the shots who's never cared Pushed around from pillar to post, chances are so few Still don't know whats round the corner But what can you do?


two songs from our upcoming LP on Rebellion Records and Longshot Music.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by James Atkinson in Bradford, May 2015.

Cover photo by Natalie Wood


released September 1, 2015

Mike Underwood - Guitar, Vocals
Karl St-Pierre - Guitar, Vocals
Ralph Orton - Bass, Vocals
Mike Robson - Drums, Vocals


all rights reserved



Last Crusade England, UK

Boot Boy R'N'R from Northern England.

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